S05 - Favicon Not Found

Alert Properties Alert Description
Alert Name Favicon not found
Code S05
Description Favicon not found on the website, that could decrease site credibility
Level Warning

What is a favicon?

Favicons are not directly responsible for your Search Engine Optimization efforts, however, it is a small image displayed along with search results that boosts the site’s credibility. Ideally, a website’s favicon should be the same as the logo for the business.

How to create a favicon?

Check out this article to define a favicon to show in search results.

Why use favicon?

  • Brand awareness: Favicons ensure that your business’ brand identity is intact and identifiable to the intended audience and users, even when they are not visiting the site.
  • Credibility and trust: If your site is missing a favicon, it will be conspicuous in its absence. On the flip side, adding a favicon to your site will make your business look more professional, established, and reliable.
  • Increased Usability Of Site: Usability of a site correlates to higher search engine ranking. With a favicon next to your website title on browser tabs, on bookmarks, on historical archives, and so on, users save time in accessing your site. It works as an identity marker for your brand, allowing users to navigate your website without difficulties, while playing a small but noteworthy role in SEO.

Online Website to generate favicon