P23 - Images With 404 Status Code Found

Alert Properties Alert Description
Alert Name Images with 404 status code found
Code P23
Description Images are unable to load or are inaccessible
Level Error

What are images with a 404 status code?

The images which can’t load or are found inaccessible return 404 error response. Although the response won’t impact your site’s search performance negatively, the page will be categorized in error status by Google crawlers.

How to resolve the issue?

Resolve any broken link which might cause the image to go missing, and return a 404 error response.

In theory, 404s have an impact on rankings but not of the whole site. If an image returns a 404 error code, it means it doesn’t exist, so search engines do not index it. Having numerous 404 images though can impact your overall website.

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