P16 - Page Allowed By Robots.txt But Restricted by Nofollow Attribute

Alert Properties Alert Description
Alert Name Page allowed by robots.txt but restricted by nofollow attribute
Code P16
Description Web Pages found with links allowed by robots.txt for search engines to crawl but restricted by nofollow attribute in tags
Level Warning

How to resolve?

If you want search engines like Google not to crawl links or content present in a page, the nofollow meta tag is quite useful for the purpose. But this attribute will also guide search engines to unfollow internal links present on the page, which ruins SEO efforts. If you want to notify search engines to not follow or crawl specific links or page use, then refrain from using nofollow attributes on <a> tag. Instead, use the robots.txt Disallow rule to disallow search engines from following a link to a page on your own site.


User-agent: *
Disallow: /products/

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