P22 - Missing Alt Attribute in Image Tags

Alert Properties Alert Description
Alert Name Missing alt attribute on the image tags
Code P22
Description Without the alt Attribute in Image Tag, search engines cannot identify the image, especially when it does not load.
Level Warning

What is the alt attribute in the image tag?

The alt attribute notifies search engines and users the details of the image itself. The Alt attribute in the image tag links the images with a description of the image. This description is crucial for search engines to understand the nature of the image and to rank the pages accordingly. For users, if the image does not load for some reason, the Alt attribute describes the image in words.

The alt tag, also known as “alt attribute” is an HTML attribute for image tags to provide a text alternative for search engines to decipher the image. Applying alt tags to images, especially for product photos in an e-commerce store, can positively impact the site’s search engine rankings. Without the tag, the SEO ranking goes down, and the site images become inaccessible to visually impaired users.

How to resolve this issue?

If your alt attribute is missing or blank, then it’s very difficult for search engines to identify the image on the web page. By adding context around images, search engine results can become more useful, even helping your web pages with higher-quality traffic. You can also add images and it’s information within the sitemap

Explicit and implicit benefits of alt attribute:

Adding alt attribute to image tags for photos improves SEO in diverse ways including

- Improved web accessibility for visually impaired users using screen readers.

- Alt tags reveal image information even when the image file does not load in the browser.

- Alt tags provide strong image context with its short description for search engine crawlers for proper indexing.